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Yes, we are giving away 1 FREE table per person per show date. Each type of show is different so you can have a table at each of our 3 shows for free. You can list out 60 items for sale per table. Additional tables are only $20 each, but most people don't need more than 1 table. Promotional tables are $50 each. You can sign up for as many show dates as you choose for FREE as long as you reserve only 1 table per show per date. To reserve a table click on the show that you are interested in. Once you are at the show, click on the "Dealers Only/ Reserve Tables" button on the left. Type in your ID and Password (which you created when you registered) and choose a show date, and then click on the continue button after reading the rules. Once there, select your table location and reserve the table. For those new to the site, we are currently running our test model card show, so you check out how it works.
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