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Why should I record a deal? How do I do it?

We do not take any money from people recording deals. We use it for statistical purposes only.

However, it PROTECTS you from fraud! If someone backs out of a deal that was registered, then you have a WRITTEN RECORD of the deal!!

Recording Deals

  • Click on the show you are interested in going to.
  • When at the show, click on "See Deals/Record Deals"
  • Put in your username and password and the other person's username.
  • Click on "See/Register Deals Now!"
  • If the other person put in the deal, all you have to do is to click on the little circle besides the deal and then click on "Confirm Checked Deal(s)"
  • To add a deal, fill out the form called "Add a Deal" (further down the web page.) Click on Record Deal. Then be sure to tell the other party to confirm your deal.
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